We create Decentraland wearables for your metaverse brand.

About Wearables

About DecentralWear

We design wearable NFTs
so that you're able to build
your metaverse brand.

Wearable NFTs are quickly becoming the most profitable source of income for metaverse brands. Expose your brand to the widest possible audience with your brand's own wearables.

Leave the difficult parts to our design team while we make your metaverse vision a reality.

What are wearable NFTs
and why should I make them?

A Wearable NFT is an article of clothing within the metaverse, paid for by users to wear on their in-game avatars.

With the rapidly growing NFT craze, wearable NFTs have leveled the playing field for brands hoping to expand their offerings to include products within the metaverse.

Whether your brand wants to sell simple t-shirts with your logo on it, or fully customized and advanced buildouts, we can help you quickly and affordably.

Our team is highly experienced in the design process and can get your items accepted to the market in a matter of days. Contact us now.

What are Decentraland Wearables

Our Benefits

We offer the fastest turnaround times. Get your wearable delivered in hours, not weeks!

Our wearable designers have years of expertise and will design your wearable in a video chat, alongside you and your artistic vision. This ensures maximized productivity and clear communication so you can get on with building your wearable brand. We'll deliver multiple designs before other companies can even deliver one!

Need help with a design?
Our 3D artists are ready to assist with creative direction.

Sometimes greatness needs help manifesting. Whether you just need a little feedback or help with the entire production, our award-winning 3D artists can help assist in the creative process. We are sure that you will love working with our talented artists.

Create alongside our designers.
Watch your wearable get made from the ground up via video chat.

Direct the show via video chat during your 1-on-1 design session with a DecentralWear 3D artist. You will have full access to making real-time changes as you collaborate with our artist to get the perfect wearable made quickly and in your vision. We're not finished until you're happy with your wearable design!

We understand the process.
Get your item accepted and launched quickly, without additional delays!

Our team is highly experienced when it comes to the wearable submission procedure. We've overcome various challenges and are equipped to handle most snags that could arise during the regular submission process. Save weeks of time - we will fast track your wearables so that you can sell them sooner.

Own your wearables fully & outright.
Download your design files, then publish under any name you choose.

Once completed, your 3D assets will be sent to you in proper format. You will have complete freedom to upload your wearable under your brand name, or any name you choose. You can give us credit if you want, but are not obligated in any way! You may keep your designer a secret if you choose.

Our Process



Book an appointment with us to have a live discussion on your wearable idea.



Make the payment and schedule a time slot to watch a live session of your wearable being created.



Receive the files and thumbnails. Finalize the documents. Your wearable is ready for publishing.


STEP 4 (optional)

For $50 more, learn the tips and tricks for fastest submission results with our 30 minute live Wearable Submission Process training session.

Our Pricing

Basic Wearable Designs



  • T-Shirts, Hoodies, Pants, Hats,
  • Masks, Shoes, Jewelry
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Moderate Wearable Designs



  • Skateboards, Hoverbikes,
  • Wings, Backpacks
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Advanced Wearable Designs



  • Head-Upper, Lower-Feet,
  • Upper-Lower slots
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Advanced Wearable Designs



  • 3+ Components
  • Head, Upper/Lower Body, Feet
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